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What our systems have?

End to End Developement
We build all our systems together with Deriv support and the most advanced features on the web
Free Web Apps
All our systems are free to use with your Deriv account, access and use it
Experience and Expertise
We have more than 5 years creating systems, our specialization is for trading derivatives
what our systems do

Why the trade is different with us?

Introducing a revolutionary trading system, uniquely combining cutting-edge AI algorithms and real-time market analysis, setting new standards for reliability and consistently delivering exceptional returns.
  • 24/7 Support on many channels
  • No downloads, just access and use it
  • Intuitive and easy to learn trading apps
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Intelligent Systems

We build powerful systems with advanced technology to improve your trading and increase
your chance of success. It's complex under the hood, but intuitively to use.

Automatic Trading

Trade in your account in an automatic trading system with more than 150 strategies, 6 trading modules, market analysis and more, all free! Access it here

Copy Trading

A free 24/7 copy trading system that runs on the cloud. Connect multiple accounts and make them copy the trades from anywhere. Start copying


On this system you can manual trade for multiple accounts at the same time, no delays, multiple charts, money management and more. Go trade


Create almost any strategy intuitively without a single line of code. Have access to a store to buy, rent, or sell scripts to improve your trading. Create now


What about schedulling your trades? execute them at any date you want, no limitations, money management, all on the cloud. Schedule a trade

MT5 Connector

Trade directly into your account using our MT5 connector. Get signals from any indicator or use the main strategies without any cost. Learn more

Affiliate Programme

What about receive commission for promoting our systems? register an account for free and earn from your work with your peers. Join us

Tradingview Bridge

Trade directly to your account from Tradingview with our reliable bridge system. Transform the alerts into trades on your account for free. Get more information

Renting our systems

Apply your brand colors and logo, your domain URL, any other modifications,
and receive a commission from the trades in the system. Send us a message for more information here

Building Strategies with Blocks

Rent our strategy building system where you don't need to write a single line of code. Just click-and-drag and create strategies intuitively. Test it here

Copy Trading System

Rent our copy trading system and connect your master traders to your clients seamlessly, with a slight minimum delay and without limits. Check it here

Trade Multiple Accounts at Once

Rent our replicator and trade on any amount of accounts with a single click. Automated money management, expiration to the end of the candle, and more. Give it a try

Create a new account

Join us now and take the first step towards a brighter financial future! Create your account to access our cutting-edge trading platform, equipped with advanced tools and personalized insights. With our user-friendly interface and expert support, you'll be empowered to maximize your earnings and embrace a world of lucrative opportunities!

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See Frequently Asked

  • I need to have an account to use the systems?
    Yes, we are partners with Deriv for the account management, and it's required for using all the apps and promotion.
  • All the systems run on browsers?
    All our systems are web-based, so you will need a browser to use it. Any device that can access the browser can be used for trading.
  • Are all the systems free to use?
    All our systems can be used without paying anything. Some have premium services but are optional for trading with your account.
  • Can I test the systems?
    All our products can be used with demo or real accounts. Besides the premium features, all the rest can be tested for how long you want.